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Multi-State CCW Class in Manhattan August 26th 2017


Saturday morning starting at 10am, August 26th, Lance Dashefsky will be teaching a Multi-State / Utah concealed carry course, open to the public. The class will be held in Manhattan in New York City . The class usually runs 4 hours.

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CCW Class Information and Registration:

The class generally lasts  4 hours depending on the amount of student discussion and questions. In order to register you need to click on the “Add to Cart” button. You can also register over the phone by calling 917-688-2656. Prepayment is required to guarantee your seat in the CCW class. The only thing you will be required to bring is a NY driver license or NY non-driver identification card and a passport quality photo. If you are a resident of a different state please contact us to confirm what you need to bring. The class will be held at our Manhattan location. The exact address of the class is emailed and displayed on screen to students who pre-register. We do not publish the addresses online. You must be registered for the class in order to attend. If you do not have a confirmation number before the class, do not simply show up as seating space is limited to those who pre-register. 

This Class Qualifies for Both Utah and Florida:

To obtain the Utah license, you need to complete only this classroom course. To obtain the Florida license, you need to complete this classroom class as well as an additional shooting component to be completed on another day. Watch our schedule or ask the instructor during our class about the availability of those classes.  You need a license to shoot in New York State, or a license from the NYPD if you plan to complete the shooting portion of the Florida class in the city.

What Does the Concealed Carry Application Process Entail?

In order to apply for the Utah Concealed Carry Permit you first need to take a certified class from a Utah state certified instructor. The cost of our CCW course is $150 and this fee includes fingerprints, and required paperwork and instruction. In addition to our $150 class fee you will also need to bring $47 payable to the State of Utah. Utah BCI will accept Mastercard or Visa and will only accept checks with name and address imprinted on the check.

The Florida license is valid for 7 years. Florida will accept cash, money order, or personal check.

After the class we will mail in all your paperwork to Utah/Florida respectively.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for details.

What About a New York Firearms License?

If you are interested in obtaining a firearms license in NY State, it’s definitely to your benefit to obtain an out-of-state license, such as the Utah license or the Florida license (or both) as this shows that you’re already licensed to carry a concealed & loaded firearm on your person throughout 30+ states. Then, you should also take an NRA course as proof of firearms proficiency.  We can chat about this more at the class if you’re interested in obtaining a NY license. A license issued by any county in NY is valid throughout the state, but not in NYC. A NYC premise license is valid throughout NYC but not outside the city without permission from the NYPD. New York State also offers free hunting courses, and there’s a benefit to those too. This is a topic we can cover after the class.

Additional Information – What Else Do You Need  to Know?

All of our instructors are certified by both the NRA and The State of Utah. We teach a state approved curriculum. If this date doesn’t work for you, or if you have a large group who would like to take the class try requesting a private class in your own home on the date of your choice. Follow this link to fill out the request form.

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