This page will overview the reciprocity issues for all of our students.

For Non-Residents of New York

New York doesn’t honor concealed carry permits from any other state. So when you travel here you will not be able to carry concealed. What you can and cannot do will vary some from different regions of the state. We recommend you call the state police and ask them for input. Don’t forget that per the National Firearm Owner Protection Act you can TRANSPORT a firearm THROUGH any US state to another US state so far as the firearm is within a locked container (glove box and console don’t count), not readily accessible from the passenger compartment, and unloaded.

For Residents of New York

If you are able to obtain a New York State Permit please be warned that it is not valid in New York City unless it is approved by New York City PD.

Here are different reciprocity maps depending on what permits you obtain. To build your own custom map based on a combination of permits use our map builder here.

New York State Permit ONLY:

New York State Permit Only

New York and Utah Non-Resident

NY and UT

Utah Non-Resident Only

Utah Only

Utah and Florida Non-Resident Permits

UT and FL