Westchester County Firearms Safety Pistol Course


Specifically designed for those who have been requested by Westchester County to complete a “Pistol Safety Course.

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Course Description

This course satisfies Westchester County’s requirement as a Pistol Safety Course. There is a preliminary on-line portion of this class which must be completed prior to meeting with the instructor for the classroom follow-up and shooting requirement. The instructor meets the statutory requirement of NYS Penal Law sec. 400 as a Westchester county certified firearms instructor.

Course Prerequisites

The shooting requirement will take place in NYC.

The course will cover the following topics:

Owning a Pistol, Safe Pistol Usage, Pistol Characteristics, Types of Pistols, Pistol Action Types, Pistol Action Components, Using a Pistol, Using a Revolver, Using a Semi-Automatic Pistol, Anatomy of a Cartridge, Cartridge Types and Nomenclature, Ammunition Safety, Introduction to Shooting a Pistol, Shooting Position, Five Elements of a Shooting Position, Learning a Shooting Position, The Benchrest Position, Standing Shooting Positions, Pistol Shooting, Errors, Zeroing Your Pistol, Scoring a Target, Five Common Pistol Shooting Errors, Types of Stoppages, Clearing Pistol Stoppages, Pistol Cleaning and Maintenance, Cleaning a Pistol, Pistol Lubrication, Inspection and Maintenance, Safe Pistol Storage, Selecting Pistols and Ammunition, Selecting a Pistol and Accessories, Selecting Ammunition, Range Practice


While you have 90 days to complete the on-line portion of the class, Westchester typically gives you 30 days to take your class to be eligible for license renewal. Please don’t wait until the last minute to finish your class as we also need to complete the live fire shooting requirement at a range prior to you submitting your renewal paperwork (and class completion certificate) to Westchester.

Course Registration and Payment

$210 is the cost of the course including range fees excluding ammunition. Register by clicking add to cart above and proceeding through our online checkout. The instructor will call you to answer your questions and schedule your training.


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