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How to Get Rid of Gun Free Zones

I am taking it for granted that the majority of our readers already understand WHY we need to get rid of the gun free zones. Today’s article is focused on how I think we might go about the legal process. As a general rule, when we refer to gun free zones we are referring to […]

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Top 3 Gun Rights Wins & Losses in 2015

Another year has come and gone…out with the old, in with the new. 2016 is here now and 2015 is but a memory. We here at USA Firearm Training, if we haven’t already, would like to wish each of you a Happy New Year, and we hope this is a great year filled with much success especially […]

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Obama’s Executive Order Imminent

Every media outlet has reported that President Obama intends to announce one or more executive orders before the end of this month designed to slow or stop gun violence in America. There has been some speculation about what he may attempt to do and today I’m going to clarify some of his options and also […]

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Do Good Guys Stop Bad Guys With Guns?

This month The Daily Show presented some research and thoughts to suggest that despite the cry from gun supporters, the truth is that Good Guys virtually never stop Bad Guys with guns or that Good Guys are not even generally capable or qualified to do so. I want to address the facts and opinions that […]

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