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Making the RSO Your Best Friend

The RSO (Range Safety Officer) is the person at the gun range whose responsibility it is to ensure safety on the range. The RSO may not always stand behind each shooter and bark at you if you break any of the rules but generally the RSO is going to call out people who are crossing […]

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The National Firearm Business Directory Launch

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our national firearm business directory! In this article we will explain how this directory can help you and how we need your HELP to make or better. The directory is a compilation of businesses that are either in the firearm industry (ranges, stores, instructors, gunsmiths, etc) […]

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How to Do Date Night At The Gun Range

People often give me strange looks when I tell them that one of my wife’s and I’s favorite things to do for date night is go to the gun range. Training time is hard to get in with a busy schedule and even more so when you have young kids. I figure if I’m already […]

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