Two CCW Deals for You

Let me introduce you to two great concealed carry tools that are now available to you at a discount:


What you see in the above image is a patented technology called “Ventcore.” The material on the back of this IWB (In Waist Band) holster breaths and prevents nasty sweaty unpleasantness that happens with so many leather or other material backed holsters. It is made by a company called “StealthGearUSA” and they offer a 10% off coupon to all our students.

Just click on this link and follow the instructions on the page to add the coupon code during checkout. This is my favorite holster and I’m confident you will love it too.



Technaclip is a simple minimalist type of product for concealed carry. You install the clip directly onto your firearm and use it to clip your firearm onto your belt or pocket. I appreciate the simplicity and I know people who hate holsters that feel bulky and are hard to put on and take off. This is a great solution.

Technaclip grants 15% off to all our students. Use coupon code USAFIREARM on their website.

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