Supplementing Live Fire Training At Home

We all know that the gun is only as good as the shooter. The more time spent training with the weapon the more prepared we are the potential real life situation that we hope won’t happen. The challenge with this idea, the time and cost associated with training.

While we want firearms and training with them to be part of our lifestyle the truth is that we are all busy. Getting to the range once per week is a huge challenge for most of us. Consider the cost of Gas, the range fee/membership, the cost of ammunition, and of course your time. While there is no substitute for live fire training there are good ways to supplement that live fire training in order to maximize the time we spend practicing.

Picture1May I introduce you to the SIRT training weapon from Next Level Training. The SIRT is a laser weapon that allows one to practice all of the fundamentals like the draw, grip, stance, trigger control, accuracy, sight picture, reloading, movement, and even not anticipating recoil. The construction of the SIRT is comparable to a Glock 17 and is weighted (both firearm and removable magazine) accordingly. It has two lasers, one that activates when you start to squeeze the trigger and acts as a shot indicator, and a second that fires only when the trigger is “pulled.”

Working on trigger and other drills at home is a great way to prepare for the real thing. Instead of taking a few hours and $100 to go to the range you can get a lot of good practice in at home in about 20 minutes once or twice a week. While tools like the SIRT are not necessarily inexpensive, they do pay for themselves over time when you consider how much you will save not going to the range and/or the incremental training you will get in that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

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Train often and Train hard.

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