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Role of An Air Rifle In Your Security and Survival

Air rifles play their part in a true family survival plan and this is particularly true in an emergency type of situation in which one were to lose power or be part of other serious conditions. Here are some advantages to consider:

  • Air rifle ammunition is easy to find and very affordable compared to traditional firearm ammunition
  • While not adapt at hunting big game, in many “bug out” type of situations you may prefer small game. It doesn’t spoil as quickly and may be easier to find in both urban and rural areas. Air rifles can be very effective at hunting small game like rabbits or squirrels
  • Air rifles are light and very easy to strap to a pack or bag without adding any weight. The ammunition is also relatively easier to pack and haul
  • The lack of gun powder also makes the ammunition and weapon safer under various harsh weather conditions
  • The weapon is quieter and less likely to give up your position or scare away other nearby animals
An air rifle may not replace other larger caliber weapons but it would be a great supplement in any emergency situation. Avoid any old air rifle from the store with 300 FPS. I would recommend a minimum of 800 FPS. I also favor multi-pump air rifles that give you the ability to determine, by the number of pumps, how much power you want. 

An air rifle is an affordable and effective tool for many emergencies. It also makes for a great training tool for children who have reached an age where an appropriate level of hands on experience and training is important to teach proper weapon handling and safety.

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