29 Home Defense Tactics To Prevent Intruders

We all train and prepare to be able to use our firearms to defend ourselves in any life threatening situation but of course we hope we don’t have to. Today’s article will outline 29 things you can do to increase your home security and make it less likely that you will have to use the gun.

  1. Good Exterior Lighting: Intruders love the darkburglar-294485_1280
  2. Well Trimmed Vegetation: Eliminate places to hide by keeping the bush, tree, and hedge well trimmed
  3. Good Doors and Locks: Light doors, weak frames, and old locks make it easier to break in
  4. Get a Deadbolt: I’m still surprised how many exterior doors I see without a deadbolt
  5. An Alarm System: Monitored or not intruders don’t like loud noises or the idea of the cops showing up
  6. A Barking Dog: Intruders don’t like noise or sharp teeth
  7. Security Cameras: Nobody likes being on camera and it is a sure sign of a prepared home owner
  8. Security System Signs: You don’t have to have the system… just the warning sign that says you do
  9. Maintain the Front Yard: Neglecting the grass or snow is a sign that you don’t care or may be out of town
  10. Secured or Locked Garage Door: Garage doors can be easy to disable and open if proper caution isn’t taken
  11. Window Coverings For the Garage: Allowing the potential intruder to take a look through the window to see if you are home and what valuables you have in the garage isn’t a good idea
  12. Locks on Windows: You would be surprised how many Americans lock the door but leave the window open
  13. Pick up the mail and newspaper: Accumulated mail or newspapers also suggest you are out of town
  14. Change all the locks when you move into a new house. Who knows who the previous owners gave a key to
  15. Use timers on lights in the house: Home or not you should give the appearance of being occupied
  16. Hide the Spare Key Somewhere Else: Intruders know to look in the common places for your spare house key
  17. Do Not Put Your Full Name On Your Mailbox or in the Phone Book: Intruders gain an advantage when they know your first and last name
  18. Install Peepholes: Every exterior door including the one from the house to the garage
  19. Use Internal Door Hinges: If your door hinges are on the outside have the door re-hung to move them inside
  20. Put some solder on the screws of your window hinges or locks to prevent intruders from unscrewing them
  21. Don’t Advertise You Are Gone: Those vacation pictures on Facebook may be tempting… but are your privacy settings protecting you from advertising your absense
  22. Forward Your Home Phone: Burglars often call the number to see if anyone will answer before they attempt a break-in
  23. Park Your Car In The Garage: Parking the car on the street or in the driveway makes it easier for
  24. Put a security film on glass that is close to a lock so that the glass can’t be broken easily to give the intruder access to reach in for the lock
  25. Use A Rod in the track of sliding glass doors or windows to prevent them from being opened
  26. Never leave a tall ladder outside that an intruder could use to reach upper level windows
  27. Cut back tree limbs that hang on or near the house
  28. Get to know your neighbors
  29. Never leave notes on your door for service people

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