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Concealed Carry Technique with a Shirt and Tie

shirt and tie gunIf you work in the business world under the obligation or expectation that every day you will come to work wearing a nice shirt and tie then this article is for you. I have had past students tell me that they can’t carry a concealed weapon every day because they have to wear a tuck-in shirt. This should not be a barrier to carrying your gun.

Here are four concealed carry holsters that will work for you even when you have to look like a million dollars:

Tuckable or Belly Band Holsters

There are IWB holsters that will work with a tucked in shirt.

My favorite is the Brave Response Holster. It operates with a belly band that allows the holster to move and sit independent of the pant or waist. Just situate the holster in the pant along the waist or higher on your torso if you prefer an armpit style carry, and then tuck in your dress shirt. The tighter your tuck the more discernible your firearm could become so go with a loose tuck.

You can also get tuckable IWB holsters that do clip onto the belt but still allow you to tuck in your shirt. This leaves people to wonder what that clip on your belt is for but still concealed the gun all the same. My favorite tuckable holster is made and sold by N82 Tactical.

Ankle Holsters

Ankle holsters have been around for a long time and have proven effective for concealed carry. Some are better than others and some are far more comfortable than others. ALL ankle holsters require a light and low profile weapon. When you are wearing a nice pair of dress slacks you should find that there is plenty of room to conceal a weapon on your ankle without leaving any profile for observation. You do however have to actively avoid sitting in a position that would give away the weapon.

My favorite ankle holsters are make by Alessi Holsters.

Shoulder Holster

If you have watched any cop movie ever you have probably seen shoulder holsters in action. Obviously a shoulder holster is only going to work for if you go the extra mile and decide to wear a suit or sports jacket. That said, a shoulder holster can be a very comfortable and practical method of concealing your firearm when dressing for your meeting. The best shoulder holsters are anchored to the belt on both sides and have some sort of balancing weight on the opposite side of the gun.

My favorite shoulder holster is made by Galco Leather.

Tactical Apparel

There are a good number of apparel options on the market for concealed carry. It could be expensive to stock up on a good number of dress shirts that have built in holsters, although I wouldn’t discourage it. As an alternative you might look at tactical undershirts that you could wear under your current dress shirts that would fit the need. Tactical shirts generally have built in holsters or pockets that work well to secure and conceal the weapon. They are most effective when they fit tightly against the body.

My favorite is the 5.11 Tactical Holster V-Neck shirt.

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