Florida Man Survives Attempt On His Life With His Concealed Handgun

For one man in Florida is was a regular day. He was in his driveway unloading groceries from his car when two men attacked.

victim shoots with concealed weapon floridaAccording to WFLA, one man grabbed him while the other suspect drew his firearm and pointed it at the victim. He was able to wrestle himself loose enough to reach for and retrieve his own firearm.

He didn’t hit the suspects, which makes me wonder a little about how much he trained, but it was enough to deter them and send them running.

The local law enforcement officer clearly doesn’t understand a citizen’s right to self-defense. He said:

It’s a dangerous situation, we don’t urge anyone to get into a firefight with criminals and especially don’t try and grab a firearm. Don’t be James Bond. This victim is very fortunate that he was not more seriously injured,” said Michael Dunn, a spokesman for the city of Temple Terrace.

I suspect Mr Dunn would have preferred if the citizen had just stood there quietly while the suspects shot him.

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