Grocery Store Employees Shoot and Kill 2 of 3 Armed Robbers in PA

I have the feeling that there is one market in Reading PA that won’t be too worried about armed robberies for awhile. They just earned a strong reputation for willingness and ability to stand and defend themselves.

PA Shooting

This November when three armed men entered the Latino’s Meat Market they fired at least once before TWO store employees drew firearms and started firing back. We report on news stories regularly when an armed employee responds but it has been awhile since I saw a story where two different employees were armed and able to respond. Love it. According to the news report:

Sometime during the robbery, police said both employees pulled out their own guns and fired several shots at the masked men, striking two of the three. Police said the third man was able to run out of the store with an undetermined amount of cash. He remains on the run. Police currently do not know how many times the two man were shot. Their identities remain unknown, but police said they appear to be in their late 20s or early 30s. No employees or customers were seriously injured in the incident. Police said one employee did have a cut on his nose, but it did not require immediate medical treatment.



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