Justified Shooters May 12th 2015 Edition

We make an effort to take note of real life situations in which the shooter was justified. These stories help us remember that we are training for real life and we can’t predict or imagine where we might find ourselves when we have to act in defense of ourselves or others. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more news stories like these.

Citizen Shooting Justified

Phoenix Man shoots man who won’t stopping stabbing his mother – Saves life of victim

A man was actively attacking and killing his own mother on a residential street when many neighbors tried to come to her aide. One neighbor retrieved a firearm from his home and returned to the scene where he threatened the man to stop the attack or else he would shoot. The attacker didn’t stop and the prepared home owner fired and killed the attacker. The woman survived the attack.

When a Rookie Cop Was Being Beaten by a Burglar a Private Citizen Comes to the Rescue

Two officers were chasing down a burglary suspect in Oklahoma when they were separated. One officer caught up to the man and attempted to place him under arrest when a fight ensued. The suspect was able to take the officer’s baton and proceeded to beat the officer over the head repeatedly.

This is when a private citizen approached the fight and drew his firearm. He threatened to shoot if the suspect wouldn’t stop. He did stop and was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

Man Shoots and Kills Car Thief When His Life is Threatened

A man came to the aide of a woman who was being pulled out of her car in a local grocery store parking lot in Orem, UT. The attempted car thief then lunged at the man attempting to help. He fired at the thief and hit him in the chest. After the incident the attacker was connected to a series of other crimes in the area. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Uber Driver Is In the Right Place At the Right Time to Save Multiple Lives in Chicago

An Uber driver had just dropped off a customer and was watching a crowd of people walk in front of his car when another man began firing shots into the crowd. He exited his vehicle and drew his own firearm and shot back 6 times hitting the alleged shooter multiple times. The alleged shooter was the only one injured in the event.

Passerby Saves Lives of Multiple People in Philadelphia Barbershop

Two people in a barbershop got into an argument when one pulled a gun and started shooting at several people in the barbershop including children. A passerby heard the gunfire and entered the barbershop. He pulled his own gun and shot the shooter in the chest ending the attempted murder. The attacker was the only one injured in the indecent.

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