Should We Ban Machetes Too?

machete weaponThis week I stumbled upon two different home invasion news stories that both involved a machete. The first, from September 5th in South Carolina involved three men forcing their way into someones home and “hacking” him to death. Their weapon was a machete. According to the Associated Press:

Investigators say a man was hacked to death with what appeared to be a machete during a home invasion near South Carolina.

North Charleston deputies said three men forced their way into the victim’s home around 4 a.m. Saturday and started stabbing and hacking him. The attacked continued outside, where the victim’s body was found.

The three men ran away, and authorities have not found them. They did not say if anything was taken from the home.

Deputies say a relative of the victim and a baby were also at the home, but were not harmed.

The second news story comes from Pocatello Idaho where a man broke into two different neighbor’s homes. The later of the two neighbors shot him three times in the chest with a handgun to stop the attack. According to the Idaho State Journal:

As he beat on the door, Cvengros told Thomas to leave. As Thomas broke through the door, Cvengros warned him that he was armed, but Thomas kept coming. That’s when Cvengros fired three shots in rapid succession.

The video view ends at that point, but the audio continues, and Thomas can be heard moaning as Cvengros tells him to stay down.

This brings up a point that is all to familiar with gun rights supporters. What are we as citizens to do to protect ourselves if we don’t have access to a firearm? We need our firearms for personal protection. Further, doesn’t it suggest that when bad people want to do harm they will find a way with or without access to a gun? And what will stop them?

I’m the first one to agree that we need to stop bad people from getting guns as I figure my odds are better against a machete than another gun but what legislation have we seen proposed that would really stop bad people from getting guns?

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