Tactical Pens an Overview

tactical pens

In the self-defense industry there is a lot of talk about tactical pens. This article is meant to introduce tactical pens to readers who may be new to these amazing tools.

A tactical pen is the term generally used to refer to a tool that is in the shape of and takes the appearance of a pen. Often tactical pens do actually act as ink writing devices but they also have other uses.

Tactical pens almost always are strong metal shafts that are strong enough to hold their shape even when they are struck against other objects.

Potential attributes and uses of tactical pens include:

  1. A sharp metal tip that can be used for striking an attacker or breaking glass
  2. A flashlight
  3. DNA catcher that is meant to be good at catching and holding small DNA samples such as blood

Some tactical pens are gaudy and draw a lot of attention. Others are better at blending in and appearing as any other pen.

Here is one of my favorites in terms of functionality.

Here is a good video from YouTube that describes the best methods to use a tactical pen in self-defense.


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