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The Top Eight Reasons You Don’t Carry Concealed Every Day

In Mid May of 2015 we started a series of articled designed to address the most common reasons why gun owners don’t carry their legal concealed carry firearms every day. We gathered some input from our past students and our online followers and came up with eight core and common reasons people cite for not carrying a firearm.

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Most of us can relate to one or more of these. While they could be considered excuses they are real for the people who feel this way. Over the course of 3 weeks we dug deep and wrote a unique article to address each of these common reasons. If you relate to one or more of these and find yourself justifying leaving the gun in the safe each day please click below and read our best thoughts around the importance and technique of over coming these concerns! We hope you will Fall Back In Love With Everyday Concealed Carry!

  1. Difficulty Concealing the Firearm
  2. Too Many Places That Prohibit Guns
  3. Physical Discomfort
  4. Fear of Taking Action
  5. Fear of Legal and Civil consequences
  6. Employer doesn’t allow it
  7. Conflict with social activities
  8. Couldn’t Establish or Lost the Habit

If you feel we are off mark or if one of your concerns isn’t addressed here please leave a comment below!

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