Unique Female Options to Concealed Carry

Every news outlet is reporting on the increased number of woman getting involved in the shooting sports and concealed carry. Its very exciting. In speaking with female students who come through our firearm training course the most common concern initially is in finding a way to carry a concealed firearm that is in line with modern female style and also functional as it relates to self-defense. Here are a few products that I can say that our students have told me are working for them.

Flashbang Bra Holster

There are a lot of different Bra Holsters for sale on the market and online. One of the more industry proven is called the “Flashbang Bra Holster.” The holster attaching in the front with a simple loop that snaps over the bra and positions the firearm horizontally to allow for a more natural draw from your strong side. Depending on what clothes you are wearing and your general shape this kind of holster could be a very effective way to concealed the gun while also allowing that you have relative quick ease of access.

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Under Garment “Tank”

tank top concealed carry under shirtThese under garment shirts or “midriff” or whatever woman call these things can be super effective. They hug the body like a second skin and generally position the firearm for a cross draw / under arm carry. These perhaps make for a more challenging draw but they concealed the gun with minimal printing with the right clothing. They come in midriff or full tops and our favorite brand is “UnderTech.”

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Bellyband Holsters

20150904_151731There are a large number of products on the market that wrap around the waistline with some sort of elastic material in order to allow that you can wear any top and any pant / skirt without needing a strong belt on which to attach a holster. Because the “holster” doesn’t attach to clothing in any way it gives you great versatility with what you wear while still position the gun on the torso near the waist line for the most effective and easy to access draw. Our favorite of these products is the Brave Response holster though we are a little bias since we sell those directly on our own website.

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Concealed Carry Purse

I’m always a little hesitant to endorse concealed carry purses because they require a great deal more of habit breaking and training because of the habits that woman already have in how they carry the purse and what they do with that purse before they begin to carry concealed and many of those habits are very harmful. That said, if not for the concealed carry purses in the marketplace a lot of our students wouldn’t carry at all. Make absolutely sure that you look for a purse that has a holster built into or sewn into the purse itself. Do not use a standard purse in which you gun in just sitting in a pocket or bouncing around with other things. Also work to train how you will need to carry that purse in order to have a clean draw. We won’t attempt to endorse a specific product since a significant factor is fashion and personal preference.

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Don’t forget that however you carry your firearm you need to train retrieving the firearm from that position.

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