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N82 Tactical Concealed Carry Holsters

professionalN82 is short for Nate Squared Tactical. Two friends, both named Nate, set out to design a holster that would provide isolation from every part of the firearm while using pliable materials, and a moisture barrier to protect it. Currently their holsters are available for sale on their website or via various dealers around the US that carry the product. There are 2 here in Colorado.

N82 currently offers 3 different holsters that are already similar in design. The construction is simple and this is the easiest IWB (inside the waistband) holster I own to put on and take off. The simple, one clip system makes it easy to slide into the waistband and attach.

The leather backing is also very comfortable. They like to talk about how you can “take a nap” with this holster and while I haven’t tested that, it is very comfortable. Part of the greatness of this holster is it’s simplicity. The construction is solid and I’m happy to say it is made with pride in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty for all craftsmanship and materials under normal use.

Of the three different holsters offered I have only used the professional design which is made with a durable thermoplastic. It is super strong and allows for a positive retention with a trademarked “Twist Release System.” The pressure of the body against the holster creates a strong locking mechanism that keeps the firearm from being pulled by anyone who doesn’t know how to use the holster. A slight twist in one direction and the firearm comes free. This adds a great level of security although it is critical that if you are going to use this holster that you practice drawing from it on a regular basis.

I think my next holster will be the “Original Tuckable” that N82 offers. I’m always on the lookout for a good holster that allows me to wear a dress shirt tucked in.

N82 Website

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