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Range Bag – Never Forget Your Gear Again

Few things can drive you more crazy than getting to the gun range and realizing you have forgotten some gear. Forgetting some safety gear like ear or eye protection is a deal breaker and may mean losing your training opportunity or having to buy/rent from the range.

explorer range back packThe best way to ensure you never forget anything you need to take to the range is to get and maintain a range bag. A range bag is simply a bag you dedicate to storing and transporting all your relevant gear to the gun range when you go shoot. You could use any old backpack that is sitting around the house or you can invest a little or a lot into a nice, made for the purpose, range bag. (Amazon Search)

I keep my range bag on top of or in my gun safe. When its time to head out to the range I only have to add the ammunition I need, grab the individual firearms I’m going to train with and I’m set. This saves time and puts me in a better position to have everything I need.

In the upcoming weeks we will outline some of the essentials you want to include in your range bag.

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