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The 3 Speed Concealment Holster

The 3 Speed Holster is very unique among concealed carry holsters. It doesn’t clip onto the belt and while that may sound like a drawback please continue reading.

Olive and Black BOTH 184x198The holster actually is secured by the natural contour of the body and pants. It has a strap that goes around the waist as additional security. The holster can go anywhere on the waist but is designed around the idea of going in the front of the body. It has 3 different positions for concealability which essentially differ based on how concealed you want the weapon to be in balance with how quickly you want to be able to access it. (See below video)

One of my favorite features of this holster is the spare magazine pouch. Very few concealed holsters allow for a spare magazine. Going the extra mile it also allows you to concealed some cash or maybe your photo id. The holster is very easy to adjust while it is concealed so that you can tactically make adjustments without letting everyone around you know you are packing.

Another big bonus is that each holster is custom made for the user. Your waist size, weight, where you plan to carry the holster, and naturally your exact weapon all go into consideration as the holster is custom built for you. This does make it near impossible for dealers to carry the holsters so this is primarily sold from the maker’s website.

Despite it’s seemingly simple design it does have great trigger protection and secures the weapon really well.

Great YouTube playlist with additional details:

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