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Vehicle Handgun Mount and Holster from Gum Creek

Gum Creek Vehicle Holster MountI recently installed a handgun holster from Gum Creek in my car. Gum Creek is an American company out of Georgia that makes holsters and their signature car mount right here in the USA. Their products are available for sale on their website as well as through various local dealers.
A quick search on Amazon will reveal various products and holsters designed to make it easy to conceal your weapon in your car. The Gum Creek solution is simple, easy to install, and economic.
The mount essentially works as a strap with hooks on either end that fasten to the dash underneath your steering wheel. This strap then can be fastened to certain holsters and naturally all the Gum Creek compatible holsters are sold on their website.
This position underneath the steering wheel is very well concealed from the outside observer. Looking into the car from outside one cannot see it (at least not on my car). It is visible from the passenger seat and it could be spotted by someone on the outside when the drivers side door is opened but its unlikely. They do sell an enclosed concealed holster that works with the vehicle mount and that would do well to fully concealed your handgun.
The standard holster also includes a pouch for an extra magazine which is much appreciated. It secures the weapon with a button clasp that is attached to the holster with a strong velcro so it can be adjusted for your weapon. It makes for a secure but quick access system.
The holster comes in 5 different colors. The materials and construction of the holsters and the vehicle mount are very fine. It feels solid and comes with a lifetime warranty against failure of materials and workmanship.

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