Colion Noir Highlights How New York Gun Control Laws Don’t Work

On Tuesday morning gun rights advocate Colion Noir recorded and published the following video to highlight how strong New York City Gun Control Laws are and how that hasn’t had any impact on slowing the number of shootings and the amount of gun violence in the city.

Proof New York Gun Control Laws Don't Work

⁉️ Proof New York Gun Control Laws DON'T WorkNew York is easily in the top 5 five states in the country with the harshest forms of gun control laws with the laws in New York City even more strict than the other cities in the state. Do you know how hard it is to legally get a firearm in New York? You can’t just walk into a gun store and buy a gun, you have to have a license. In New York, it's NOT just one license you have to have, you have to have one license to buy handguns and another license to buy rifles and shotguns. These applications aren’t free. You have to pay $340 for a handgun license and $140 for a shotgun and rifle license. Let's not forget the $90 for fingerprinting. That’s $570 just to get permission to buy guns. The application to buy a gun costs more than the average price of an entry-level handgun. Not to mention the process takes up to six months if not more. And don’t think you’ll be able to conceal carry your gun either because getting a concealed carry license in New York City is virtually impossible. New York City has a May issue directive which means you can fulfill all the requirements to get a CCW permit or license, like getting a background check, CCW permit training, pay all the fees and they still can tell you no just because. In 2011, New York City had a population size of about 8 million people. Want to know how many people actually had conceal carry permits? 4,000! And the majority of those people were retired cops, security guards, and celebrities. In New York City you also have to register all your guns, they have universal background checks, an "assault weapons" ban, high capacity magazine ban, they don’t respect any outside conceal carry permits and if you’re a non-resident traveling to New York City, the last thing you want to do is bring a gun. Truth Be Told in some cases simply HOLDING certain guns as a nonresident is illegal. I say all that to ask this one question? Why aren’t these gun laws working? If there was ever a time these gun laws should be working and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals it should be now! If gun control was so effective none of these criminals would have the guns they have to commit these crimes, but here we are in 2020 and they not only have these guns, they’re slaughtering people with them. So much so, the mayor is scrambling to try to do something about it and the reason he’s scrambling is because he can’t blame it on a lack of gun control this time because New York City has all the gun control in the world and it’s not stopping this violence. I don’t think people realize how ironic it is that there is no gun control in his plan what so ever. We’re talking about a city that prides its self on its gun control laws and brags about how it’s made New York City so much safer over the years. But now that there’s a massive increase in shootings despite what gun laws are in place. How interesting is it that now you want to try a more nuanced approach to solving the issue that doesn’t involve infringing on people's rights because New York has already done that. The anti-gun politicians know they can’t stop criminals from getting guns and truth be told they don’t really want to stop them because it justifies creating more laws that require the law-abiding citizens to give up more rights and power to these anti-gun politicians. They know getting to the real solution is complex and long term and doesn’t make for neat little feel-good campaign slogans come reelection season. GUNS ARE ESSENTIAL➡️ America Tactical➡️ a Supporter our message Below

Posted by Colion Noir on Tuesday, July 14, 2020



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