New York City – A Constitution-Free Zone

statue-of-libertyWhen journalists are looking for a good story about how local and regional government is working to disarm Americans and strip them of second amendment rights they generally don’t have to go much further than the Big Apple to get their story. New York state is one of only 5 states that earns an A letter grade from the Brady Campaign’s state scoring system which aims to identify states that have the “best” gun laws. Here are four articles recently published that we thought our students and readers might find interesting:
How a ’50s-Era New York Knife Law Has Landed Thousands in Jail

What This Pistol Permit Application Asks For Is Beyond UNCONSTITUTIONAL

N.Y. ‘Safe Act’ Strips 34,500 of Constitutional Rights, Stops Not One Mass Shooting

If You Want to Keep Your Guns in New York, Avoid Mental Health Professionals

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