New York Assembly attempting to Force Gun Insurance on Residents

“Having safeguards in place is just common sense. It’s just common sense.” These were the words of Lentory Johnson, the father of Johnny “J.R.” Johnson who was killed with a stolen gun as one of the three victims killed in a Genesee Street mass shooting.

Because of this and other issues involving stolen firearms, A new proposal is now under debate in the Insurance Committee in the New York state Assembly, and if approved, could force gun owners to purchase $250,000 in liability insurance. The insurance would cover any negligent acts involving the use of the gun should it be stolen or lost.

The proposal is aimed at making gun owners accountable when they don’t safeguard their firearms. Failure to maintain the insurance would result in the immediate revocation of the gun permit.

But this proposal is not sitting well with all lawmakers. New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb stated “I think it’s indefensible and irresponsible to even consider a piece of legislation like this, dealing with the very folks, they are the law-abiding citizens in our state.”

Kolb says it unfairly punishes gun owners who follow the law. “This is one more cost, one more burden because the rest of our activities are ineffectual at best in dealing with this issue.”

There is also the worry that this piece of legislation is just another back door attempt at making a registration of gun owners, due to the fact that the necessity of insurance would, in fact, make a list of  those that bought it filled with the state’s gun owners

No doubt more gun legislation aimed at safe gun owners because of issues with criminals who didn’t even own the guns in the first place. A practice all too common in the Empire State.

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