NY to use Social Media Posts to Deny Concealed Carry Application

We’ve published a few articles on New York’s response to the important U.S. Supreme Court ruling in NY Pistol and Rifle Association v. Bruen. New York’s legislative response since the ruling has been extreme, even compared to other state’s hostile to the Second Amendment. Governor In a recent address touting the enactment of new gun control bills, yet again, Kathy Hochul put her authoritarian ideological philosophy on display.

NY Gun Laws to Punish Law Abiding Gun Owners —

Hochul said the most recent onslaught of anti-gun laws were a direct response to the SCOTUS ruling that struck down NY’s arbitrary means test for concealed carry applicants. Essentially, NY could no longer arbitrarily reject a concealed carry application from someone who could possess a firearm legally, jumped through all the administrative hoops, paid the money, and completed the state’s training requirements.

In response to New Yorkers who can legally possess a firearm, now being able to obtain a permit, NY enacted a slew of laws essentially making it impossible for concealed carriers to carry their gun legally in public places in the state. The laws were a clear sign that gun laws are strictly to punish the law abiding, and not for public safety.

NY Thought Police to Look at Social Media —

In a past episode of the Concealed Carry Podcast, we discussed a NY proposal that would require concealed carry applicants to hand over social media credentials as part of the application process. The issuing agency would then look into the applicants’ account to find if there was information to suggest a radical or extreme ideology or a propensity to violence.

Of course, all this sounds like “common sense” to the casual American who hasn’t spent a moment studying history, understands the propensity for men to abuse their authority, or doesn’t understand the Second Amendment or its importance. For others, this was a disturbing proposal.

Well Gov. Hochul and the New York legislature made that proposal a reality in New York. Here is what the Governor said:

We also talked about, I mentioned, social media a number of times. I’ve called upon and working closely [sic] with our attorney general to identify what’s going on in social media. Those questions are now part of our background check, such as like in the old days you’d talk to someone’s neighbor. Now you can talk to their neighbors online and find out whether or not this person has been spouting, uh, you know, philosophies that indicate they have been radicalized, and that’s how we protect our citizens as well. 

Abolishment of Freedoms —

The Governor says by searching for “philosophies that indicate they have been radicalized,” they can protect the citizens of NY. We know that the radical philosophies Hochul speaks of are not just people who post that they want to collect human heads in their freezer. The “radical philosophies” are most certainly anyone who disagrees with the dogma of the ruling class. In this case, anyone who disagrees with Gov. Hochul.

If these people have radical and dangerous viewpoints, the next logical step is to arrest them before they can carry out their terrorist plans, or put them on a watch list. This is not crazy conspiracy, it’s taking this line of thought to its logical conclusion.

We’ve seen politicians call the NRA a terrorist organization and those using Gadesden Flag or the Betsy Ross Flag classified as “domestic terrorists” by the FBI. In other words, believe in limited government and accountability for the swamp creatures that lurk in the nation’s capitol? You have extreme views and we’re taking away your Second Amendment right.

We’ve been clear that the attack on the Second Amendment is not just an attack on gun ownership, but the First Amendment and freedom from an authoritarian government. These comments make it clear that Hochul thinks the First Amendment only applies to speech she agrees with.

Add on top of that the President repeatedly talks about gun owners needing nuclear weapons or F-15 jets to resist the federal government, and that the people who want AR-15 are the ones shooting police officers. I think it’s easy to see why it’s so vitally important we vote out or impeach politicians who do not value the constitution.


  1. Dave on September 15, 2022 at 12:05 pm

    People that are in any office that took an oath of office should be immediately expelled when they violate that oath and never allowed to hold an office again. Once you start doing that it will push out the radical among the people that support the Constitution.

    Will never happen but that’s the way to end all of this nonsense with oath breakers.

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