Utah Concealed Carry Class in New York

To an outsider it sounds a little strange. Why would our team focus primarily on providing Utah concealed carry training to the millions of people in New York City? A lot of New York residents travel outside of the city and of the state and when they do they may like to take their firearm. Since the New York City gun license (or the state one for that matter) is so difficult to obtain it is often easiest for our clients to apply to receive their Utah, Florida, and/or Arizona permits instead or hopefully prior to obtaining their New York license.

Still it seems goofy. Recently the number of people who apply for the non-resident Utah permit with so much ease and so little training has been getting national attention. Journalists have been taking the class just to understand how difficult it really is. More than half of the people that apply for the Utah permit are non-residents. A fact that the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification doesn’t mind disclosing.

We feel of course that rights are rights. That the 2nd amendment doesn (or at least should) empower all law abiding citizens to own and carry a firearm to defend themselves. We feel that here in New York and especially in New York City, those rights are being delicately infringed upon by local and state law. The best we can do is to continue to make our voices heard while we live within the limits of all the local laws.

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