Brooklyn Woman Defends Her Life from Home Invading Ex, Still Arrested Regardless

Brooklyn DGU

Much more often than not when someone breaks up with another person, then that is it. No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes, However, some people can’t get it through their head that the end really is the end and go to dangerous lengths to see their ex-partners. Fortunately for a Brooklyn woman, when this happened to her she had the right tool to defend herself. Unfortunately, she was in gun-hating Brooklyn at the time

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Shots Fired in Brooklyn Mall Lands 2 Teenagers in Jail

Terror once again gripped New York City as a blaze of gunfire tore through the King’s Plaza Mall in Brooklyn last Saturday, July 8th. This shooting comes just days after a shooting at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital and is more unfortunate proof that New York’s strict gun control legislation isn’t solving the gun violence problem in the state.

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