Rochester Repairman Rebukes Robber’s Break-In Attempt

Rochester New York DGU

It should be noted that we at Concealed Carry believe homeowners should be armed in order to better defend their property and family from criminals. However, we know that sometimes we’re just not at home. We have busy lives and we have to leave our home to be a target. Well, have you ever thought about how helpful it may be to have someone else around who happens to be an armed guardian themselves?

That’s exactly what happened in Rochester last Friday, November 10th. A repairman was working at a house on Sixth Street in the city when out of the blue a man with a gun approached the house and the repairman. This approaching man was 22-year-old Negus DeSouza and he had one thing on his mind that evening. Robbery.

Now this man certainly saw the repairman working near the house and decided that instead of just targeting the house, DeSouza would focus his attention on the repairman. A major mistake it turns out as the repairman happened to be a licensed concealed carrier himself.

Immediately after DeSouza drew his weapon near the repairman, the repairman himself responded in kind and a short shootout took place on the property where the repairman was working.

Luckily in the shootout, only one of the two was injured and it wasn’t the repairman. Two rounds were fired, both hitting DeSouza in the lower body.

DeSouza then ran off but was quickly recovered by Rochester Police and taken to the hospital for his bullet wounds. DeSouza is expected to recover and be sent off to jail for his actions and as for the repairman, his name is being kept secret at this point for his own safety, police say. There are no charges likely to be filed against him, either.

What do you think of this story? What do you think of this Guardian repairman who no doubt fixed a few problems that day? Let us know in the comments below.


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