Rochester Repairman Rebukes Robber’s Break-In Attempt

Rochester New York DGU

It should be noted that we at Concealed Carry believe homeowners should be armed in order to better defend their property and family from criminals. However, we know that sometimes we’re just not at home. We have busy lives and we have to leave our home to be a target. Well, have you ever thought about how helpful it may be to have someone else around who happens to be an armed guardian themselves?

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Shots Fired in Brooklyn Mall Lands 2 Teenagers in Jail

Terror once again gripped New York City as a blaze of gunfire tore through the King’s Plaza Mall in Brooklyn last Saturday, July 8th. This shooting comes just days after a shooting at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital and is more unfortunate proof that New York’s strict gun control legislation isn’t solving the gun violence problem in the state.

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