Bob Vogel Nearly Arrested in New York City Airport

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As if you needed any more reasons never to enter New York with a gun, here is a story posted by multi-time national and world champion shooter Robert “Bob” Vogel. In the post, he describes a run-in at JFK airport where police nearly arrested him for the gun in his luggage. Flying With a Gun…

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[VIDEO] Getting Your Gun on the Plane The LEGAL Way

Air travel with a firearm is generally a pleasant experience if one understands the laws and is well prepared. This article will outline the basic do’s and don’ts. You can also watch this short video on YouTube to get all the key points. While you are there don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.…

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What Visitors to New York Need to Know About Guns

You go over to the airline counter with your nice, official, TSA-approved lockbox and you tell the agent, ‘I have a handgun that I want to declare,’” the same as you did coming into New York, and they say, ‘Wait right here.’ Two minutes later there are six Port Authority police descending on you. You are arrested, you are held, usually overnight, before you get to see a judge.

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