[VIDEO] Getting Your Gun on the Plane The LEGAL Way

Air travel with a firearm is generally a pleasant experience if one understands the laws and is well prepared. This article will outline the basic do’s and don’ts.

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-Carry On Firearms, Ammunition, or Firearm Parts.
-Carry On a bag that often holds firearms or ammunition. Even past traces of black powder from your firearm can set off the alarms at the security checkpoint.
-Lock or mark your checked luggage that contains the firearm.

-Unload all firearms and Magazines and Cylinders and speed loaders fully.
-Place your firearm in a hard sided, locked container.
-Be able (know the combination or have the key) to unlock the locked container.
-Declare all firearms to the airline employee at the ticket counter when you check in.
-Contact all airports where you will be checking luggage during your trip PRIOR to departing and ask them if there is anything specific about their airport that you need to be aware of prior to arriving on site to check a firearm. While TSA regulations are universal each airport is governed by the local law jurisdiction where it is located and local regulations can vary dramatically.
-Place ammunition in fiber, wood, or metal boxes specifically designed to hold small amounts of ammunition.


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